Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wrapping & Wishing

The end of the semester finally arrived, and now I may take a moment to breathe. It felt so wonderful to get caught up with my blogger friends yesterday. It was a near perfect morning: the rain was gently falling, the windows were cracked open enough to let the sweet smell of spring drift in, and I had a delicious mug of coffee in hand as I poured over all of the happenings and musings. Ahhh......

This summer will feel far less chaotic than the previous (No summer courses! Woot!), but it is already bubbling with activity. My days are already filling up with the usual part-time job, teaching oboe lessons, practicing my beloved oboe and bass, and being a reed making machine.

In July I will devote two whole weeks to instructing and supervising budding band geeks like me. The university hosts two weeks of band camp- one for middle school students and the other for high school students. Oddly enough, I look forward to the "middle school" week the most. I say "middle school" because that week is open to anyone who is enrolled in band, and many schools are begining instrumental music in the 4th and 5th grade, so there are usually a fair number of 10 year-olds running around. Despite the fact that I had to listen to the Jonas Brothers for a solid week, the girls on my floor are always great. Its like a mini-slumber party every night, well, until 11:30 when it is lights-out. My toenails were a different color every night last year.

The jazz quartet I have recently joined is busy rehearsing and preparing to record a demo- which I am super excited about. In most of my recording experiences I was the one adjusting levels and routing signals, so it will be interesting to be on the other side of soundboard.

And the Muffin and I are moving in July! We put a deposit on the studio. And now I will begin the sorting, organizing, and purging process. Yesterday I posted stuff up on Craigslist, and I am making plans for my first trip to Ikea for "decorganizing." I had to laugh a little-The Muffin was oddly into designing the closet system on the Ikea website. I guess its like Legos for big boys.

This week Jamie asks us, "What frivolous treat do you wish for?" When I saw the shoes she posted I thought, "I might wish for those gorgeous shoes!" How sparkly! A real treat would be a road trip. I have not traveled for travel sake in a long time. Last summer I barely strayed beyond my city, nonetheless anywhere adventurous. My wish is to travel. To treat myself to a holiday. To drive out west to visit a friend and worry neither about time nor expense. To see something new.

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