Monday, March 15, 2010

Third Grade Thoughts

Part of my job requires me to teach Integration. I meet with a third grade and fourth grade class once a week. Actually the classes rotate, so I see the students every other week...which causes some issues that are an entirely separate post.

Since the third grade has been studying world geography in class, we have been traveling the globe and exploring the many fine arts offerings of the world. The student even have little passports they fill out each class. This week we traveled to France and learned about Camille Saint-Saëns and his composition Le Carnaval des animaux. Of the selections we listened to, the movement L'éléphant was the favorite.

Here are some third grade thoughts on the prompt: How does this music make you think about elephants? What do you see in your mind?

I see the mom elephant and her baby walking with each other. Then they get a shower in the river.

It makes me think he is stomping around, but softly.

It sounds like he is squishing a peanut. A lot.

Have a listen. What do you hear?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seriously? It's March already?

Yet again I have let weeks, upon weeks, upon weeks pass without a peep. It's for a good reason- I got a job! I was lucky enough to snag a long-term substitute teaching position that allows me to do exactly what I have dreamed of- teaching music. I even got to finish my student teaching early to take the post!

For the past 9 weeks I have been teaching 3rd through 8th grade orchestra, band, and enrichment courses. The kids are wonderful- very creative, thoughtful, and all around fun people to be surrounded by. It is a very small K-8 school, but it has allowed me to really get to know each and every student in my classroom. The 6-8 Winter Concert and Solo & Ensemble Festival were just this past week. The 7-8 Band tour, Fine Arts Night, and a 5-8 performance of the Star Spangled Banner at an NBA game are on the docket for March-a total whirlwind of activity. I can hardly believe that 3rd quarter is nearly over...and I know June is just around the corner.

In the whirlwind I have barely come up for air- I have not been running or practicing yoga or doing much that doesn't involve school. I am ahead enough now to feel like I can afford to relax a bit. I will write more, get some fresh air, and perhaps take a nap....yes, definitely nap.

Take a cue from Carmen.

Thank you for all of your support and helpful wishes. The positive thoughts have helped me.
What does March have in store for you?

One of my favorite kid quotes thus far:
I thought our sub would be old and grouchy, but you're none of those things. In fact (sounding very stunned) you're fun. I didn't think that was allowed.