Friday, August 14, 2009

Extraordinary Inspiration

Sometimes great strokes of inspiration comes from the most fleeting and unexpected moments. It is the little encounter that causes a sparkling of wonderment, reverence, and insight to swirl through our heads. The moment becomes nested in your mind and heart.

I experienced this sensation while working at the summer band camps a few weeks ago.

A fellow instructor and I were walking back from the dining hall to the arts center after a particularly brick-like lunch. We were strolling along on a rather unremarkable stretch of sidewalk we have traveled countless times in the previous weeks. While I was looking up at the graying clouds wondering if it would indeed rain, he was looking along the ground. He scooped up a pine cone and put it to his ear. "Listen," he said. He put the pine cone up to my ear and plucked the spears like an African Kalimba. Different high pitched and woody tones vibrated from each spear. "This is a good pine cone," he said as he gently placed the conifer into his shoulder bag.

My heart stirred.

As I walked back to the dormitories that evening, again looking toward the skies, my mind finally managed to translate the flutterings of my heart:

Look at ordinary things in an extraordinary way

Truly inspirational.

What moments have inspired you?
Merry writings.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I cannot believe that 6 weeks have passed in such a whirlwind. I feel like I have barely clung on to the surface of the earth! Where has the summer gone? I feel as though it has just flown by, and I have little to show for it- not even a tan!

Our quaint view.

The move was less than smooth. The new apartment had been abused by the previous tenant and needed much attention before it felt like home. Spreading Spackle, sanding, priming, painting, and installing shelving consumed more time than I anticipated. However, our wee space now looks and feels clean, cozy, and well cared for. I will share some before and after pictures in the near future.

This weekend I bought some lovely little succulents to share the window sill with the kitties. So far the little plants have not fallen victim to kitty carnage- perhaps they do not care for the texture? The window is the reason the Muffin and I picked this teeny-tiny apartment (a studio with a 12 x 15 living space). Our sunlight filled window faces south and peers into the side alley shared with an old 3-story home. We have the good fortune of viewing the nearly 3-story tall maple tree that consumes the small back yard. I am curious what color the leaves will turn in the fall. Perhaps my favorite part is when the wind carries in the bright tinkling of our neighbors wind chimes into our home.

Succulents. Yes, those are ceramic donkey planters.
They are from my G-ma. I adore the weirdness of them.

Speaking of sound, the weeks of band camps moved at rocket pace. They were over in the blink of an eye. Middle school week was wonderful- the kids were truly phenomenal. I had a fantastic pair of oboists to coach for the week. They were both sponges- eager to learn, energetic, and open to trying new techniques. Despite the age difference of the two (he was 14 and she was 11), they encouraged and supported each other every day. I wish I could have kept the pair for another week...or always.

The Famous Graves played for the Tuesday recitals both weeks. The students were great to play for, and I had a wonderful time performing. Middle school week served as a great warm up for Gallery Night. As Molly mentioned, I thought we gave a top-notch performance. I am already excited about our next rehearsal and the upcoming recording process.

Postings will be more regular. It feels great to write again and visit all of my blog friends again. Cheers!
Merry makings and writings!