Monday, March 15, 2010

Third Grade Thoughts

Part of my job requires me to teach Integration. I meet with a third grade and fourth grade class once a week. Actually the classes rotate, so I see the students every other week...which causes some issues that are an entirely separate post.

Since the third grade has been studying world geography in class, we have been traveling the globe and exploring the many fine arts offerings of the world. The student even have little passports they fill out each class. This week we traveled to France and learned about Camille Saint-Saëns and his composition Le Carnaval des animaux. Of the selections we listened to, the movement L'éléphant was the favorite.

Here are some third grade thoughts on the prompt: How does this music make you think about elephants? What do you see in your mind?

I see the mom elephant and her baby walking with each other. Then they get a shower in the river.

It makes me think he is stomping around, but softly.

It sounds like he is squishing a peanut. A lot.

Have a listen. What do you hear?

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  1. Those are such sweet responses. And I can see what each of them meant now that I've listened to the piece. The sound of the cello(?) in it really does give the impression of an elephant! I get a picture in my mind of an adolescent elephant kind of bumbling about, stumbling along in his young elephant way while his attention is grabbed here by a butterfly, there by some other interesting sight. I have a vague impression that there may be a cartoon character I'm thinking of but I can't recall it now.

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and condolensces for my grandmother! Hoping you're doing well and sending you wishes for a good and happy week ahead! xoxo Serena