Friday, November 6, 2009


Oh my, oh my! I cannot believe that it has been nearly three months since my last post. Honestly, I cannot believe that the first quarter of school is over and that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The past few months have been a whirlwind of activities, projects, lesson plans, private students, performances, and conventions. I have been wearing many, many hats- I love dressing up!

Here I go!

The biggest bonnet I have donned has been that of an elementary teacher. So far student teaching has been a truly positive experience. The first quarter was spent teaching general music at the elementary level. It was a load of work to prepare for seven or eight K-5 classes a day, as well as after school activities, but I found the work to be satisfying. There were days that felt longer than others and less than glamorous moments, however far fewer than I initially expected. I had the opportunity to help young minds develop as creative artists- the process of guiding students through their first composition projects was amazingly fun. So far I learned that K-5 general music is both very demanding and rewarding work, and I can see myself happily teaching at this developmental level.

This week I transitioned to the high school. So far so good. Many new names and faces to learn. I now wear the hat of a conductor and tuba and horn teacher.

My most favorite hat!
Check out Julie Lynn Ivens on Flickr.

Last month Molly and Kelly designed and organized the most amazing event- the Massacreade. It was full of art, music, mischief, and mayhem. The Famous Graves had the pleasure of performing two sold out shows with the Echelon String Quartet, Evan Flynn, and Mr. Zak Larson. Best of all, I got to wear the most amazing feathered hat and fangs.

It was wonderful to catch-up with my blogosphere friends this past week. More adventures to be posted soon. Before January. I promise!

I will be taking a cue from Carmen on Monday (No School!)

What hats have you been wearing as of late?


  1. Hi Anna! Welcome back! It's so good to see what you've been up to and to hear from you on my blog. Thank you for your compliments on my work! You've been very busy in many good ways. Teaching kids music, anything creative, has got to be one of the most fulfilling things one can do. My, you look stunning in that amazing dress and feathered hat!! I had read Molly's about this event and it seems like it was an amazing good time and outrageous success!

  2. Yeah Welcome back to the world of blogging. It was nice to read about what you have been up to.
    I look forward to reading more about your adventures in student teaching.

  3. art hat, bunny hat, painting hat, student hat, planner hat, singer hat, acting hat, writer hat, printing hat, haus frau hat, cat hat...not really the cat hat, just rolls off the tongue a-so nice. :D

  4. I just found your blog through Molly's~that is such a fun photo of you! It is a rockin' hat, too. Thanks! :)