Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Word for 2010

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature." -Helen Keller

Last year I made a long list of little things to accomplish, and in general I was mostly successful. I reconnected with my tribe and forged new relationships with positive and inspiring people. Although I've experienced a bit of a movement relapse in the past two months, I drank more water and ran The North Face Endurance Challenge half marathon. Also, I did repaint the kitchen- twice. Once at my old abode and at my current home!

This year I am inspired by Boho Mom, who has forgone creating a litany of resolutions in favor of a single word. It's like a mantra for the year that is full of intention and empowerment.

My word for 2010 is Adventure.

Molly and I have made a joint resolution to be more daring. Adventure does not need to be grand foray into the wilderness, deep sea voyage, or aeronautical feat. It means taking the risk to lose sight of the comfort-zone shoreline, even if only for a moment. Adventure does not mean being reckless with myself or others, but to be more fearless with opportunity and adversity. Each and everyday is an adventure.

Cheers to adventure! What is your word for 2010?


  1. Happy New Year, Anna! This is my second year of choosing a keyword instead of doing resolutions. I like it so much better! I'm wishing you many magnificent, envigorating, soul-enlivening adventures in this new year!

  2. Whoo Hoo! :D Do it to it.

  3. May your adventures be fantastic, fun and fruitful! :)

  4. My sister actually asked me this...I couldn't think of a creative word, so I came up with the first adjective that I could think of. Salty. Granted, I was at the kitchen table. So, may your year be full of adventure. I'll let you know how my blood pressure is in 2011.