Friday, December 26, 2008

Wreck the Halls

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. After many of us indulged in rich and decadent treats yesterday, a light post seemed appropriate for fighting off a food-hangover.

While Molly and I were doing our last errands and grocery stops on Tuesday, we couldn’t help but notice that retailers seemed fully committed to assaulting shoppers with some of the worst versions of holiday songs. After hearing some breathy popster warble an borderline offensive adaptation of O, Holy Night, Molly and I couldn’t help but start to list some of the worst interpretations we have heard. This list transformed into a debate over what could qualify as the top five most terrible performances. Yes, the list is a bit snarky, but it certainly would be hard to argue that the following renditions are remotely first-rate. Please, proceed with a sense of humor and caution.

Top Five Worst Holiday Song Renditions

5. Yes, Do They Know It’s Christmas is an original song, and the cause was honorable, but one would think a project involving the likes of Sting and Bono would be better.

4. Anything by Twisted Sister on A Twisted Christmas. I’ll Be Home For Christmas is an extra special treat featuring Lita Ford. Warning: red vinyl jumpsuit ahead.

3. What happened, Billy? Quite the departure from Rebel Yell. The band is fine, but Billy Idol is just creepy in this version of Jingle Bell Rock. Image courtesy of

2. The Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews singing Baby, It’s Cold Outside wins for the cheese factor. Tom Jones is Tom Jones, but Matthews sounds drunk. However, the video is interesting- if not a bit funny.

1. A far cry from David Bowie and Bing Crosby, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson mangle A Little Drummer Boy.

Do you know any holiday song renditions that are offensive to the senses? Please share!


  1. Tee hee! Perhaps the most alarming thing about "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is that Tom Jones IS the good part. ;P Tom and I have tumultuous Love Hate relationship. hehe.


  2. Hey babe! Its nice to catch up with your life like this:)

    Christina Agulara (or however that is spelled) murdered "O Holy Night." Every note has excess ornamentation. It makes me want to cry when I hear it.