Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Full Moon Dreamboard

Merry Full Moon!

Although heavy cloud cover caused me to miss the largest full moon of the season, the forecast is for clear skies throughout the night. Also, the moon has brought unseasonably warm weather with her. I am rather tempted to wear my peep-toe shoes ....

During this lunar phase my Dreamboard includes just a few elements. I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me, with all of my usual activities in addition to Marriage of Figaro dress rehearsals, performances, and the final exam and projects for the accelerated course is in less than three weeks. The situation lends itself to stress, so I incorporated a tranquill pool of water. The water represents the calm and focus I will need to be channeling over the passing days. Stress causes unease and often opens oneself up to illness. The teapot represents the wellness and balance I will need to cultivate. The chickadee image returns, as I always dream to be an optimistic seeker of knowledge and truth.

Merry Writings!


  1. What beautiful simplicity. It sounds like just the right energy at just the right time. I needed a little bit of this energy today too - so thank you for sharing :)

    Have a beautiful month. May you glide through it with health, ease and joy.

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmm....tea.....

    Love the board! Very elegant, very focused--just like you. :)

    Much Love Always~*

  3. May wellness, tranquility gather around you like a lovely oasis pool.

  4. oh wow anna!!! i LOVE the calmness that the simplicity of your dreamboard transmits... beautiful!!! such awesome images and meanings behind them all!!! i hope for you a tranquil and sane few weeks!!! merry full moon!!!

    peace out

  5. Love the dreamboard!!
    I've seen Marriage of Figaro!! Good luck!!!
    My older brother is actually resident stage director for University of Toronto's opera division!
    Go girl!!