Friday, February 6, 2009

Land of Creative Opportunity...

Perhaps one of the most interesting comments I have heard this semester:

"Only in America would the gay son of Russian-Jewish immigrants become to be known as one of the most iconic of iconic American composers- the one who personified the cowboy and the Shaker in compositions he wrote in New York! That is why I love this country."

To give some context, the statement came from a professor, a native of Israel, who was reminding us students how America is an amazing land of creative opportunity. This tangent came from discussing the evolution of the earliest forms of ragtime and jazz, which essentially fused elements of West African music with popular marching band styles. Since we are a nation of many voices, the potential for collaboration, exploration, innovation, and creation are seemingly boundless. He reminded us that our creative capacity should not be taken for granted.

That last part resonated with me the most-our creative capacity should not be taken for granted. As a society, do we take creative potential for granted? Do I take it as a given? If so, where do we go? What do we do?

An interesting thought to mull over the weekend. What are your thoughts on this conjecture?

While you mull, listen to the meditative Quiet City by Copland. Merry Writings!


  1. Hmmm--that is a really interesting question. Do we take creativity for granted? Is it like air--we use it all the time every minute of every day, but are startled when it's gone? WACKY.


  2. See? You learned something in Jazz Ped!