Friday, June 19, 2009

Boxes, boxes...more boxes

Unlike Miss Serena, who is engaging in some divine de-cluttering, I am in the process of making my apartment a swirling-vortex of boxed chaos. Only twelve days until The Muffin and I can begin moving into our new studio, and I am in total amazement of how much Stuff-with-a-capital-S we have managed to accumulate in the nooks and crannies of current abode. Yesterday I began to wade through our storage closet and have already created a healthy pile of items to donate. I am making a point to only keep the things that are needed or loved. No doubt the donation pile will continue to grow!

This is only the begining of the donation pile! Minus the bike- I need my wheels!

While cleaning the closet I stumbled upon an empty wooden wine giftbox that seemed too useful to discard. It has good bones, but the faux-Tuscan decor is not my bag. With the help of a little tacky glue and fun paper, I now have a cute little box for storing my writing and drawing sticks! And- it was a super simple project to boot!


***Tah-dah! *** After!

Merry writings!


  1. Ooh I like the blog face lift! Very clean. :)

    I'll take the pillows!! They have good guts for recovering. :D

    Much Love! Can't wait till you're in Mil-town!

  2. Oh hahaha, What a surprise to come here and see my name up there! It may look like you've got chaos going on there right now, but you're doing alot of weeding out there. When you're through sorting out what you no longer want, and you've gotten rid of it, it's going to feel soooooo good. Best of luck on your move and many blessings for your fresh new start!

    You made that box so much nicer looking than it was. Love that paper!

    Thanks for your good wishes and warm comments. So nice to see you again!

  3. Awesome new blog look Anna! :)

    Gotta love moving for this alone. Getting rid of things you don't use and haven't in a long time! That and the excitement of starting fresh. The rest of the process pretty much is a pain! :)

    I love what you did with the wine box! Perfect! :)

    Happy moving :)

  4. Moving....sigh.
    Been there, done that so many times.
    I hear ya! How do we accumulate so much stuff?
    I absolutely adore your writing box project!