Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Establishing Balance

Last week I managed to do very little...and it was delightful. Most of the week was cloudy, rain spattered, and unseasonably cool- a perfect week to rest and recuperate from a particularly draining school year. Without a trace of guilt, I spent many hours perusing my favorite design blogs, curled up on my sofa reading books, shamelessly cat napping, and hitting up the new thrift store with Molly.

I imagine this is what I would look like if I were cute, furry & living in Costa Rica.

Sunday was a gorgeous day- perfect for spending the day tinkering in my parents' gardens. It was a rather productive day, with much digging in the dirt, moving rocks, potting, and transplanting. The fragrance of the freshly overturned soil and new blooms was intoxicating, and it was ridiculously fun getting really dirty! Also, I now sport the most fantastic garden glove tan.

Sunday ushered in the end of my sloth-session. It is time to get the proverbial gears moving and make good use of the weeks ahead. I have organized my students and have set the summer oboe lesson schedule. I have also established some personal practice goals, both oboe and bass-wise. My temple deserves much more attention than I have given it these past months. Regular yoga practice (I am as flexible as a light pole right now) will be paired with weekly running goals. I plan to log 16 miles this week, and I already have 4 down! Also, I have a little list of projects to do, books to read, and small trips to make.

I have always felt like this time of the year is a much better time of the year to take stock of oneself and set some personal resolutions than the middle of winter. Nature is unfolding with new growth all around us- why not join in? Ultimately, my goal for the summer is to nurture my physical, intellectual, and creative self. I am lucky to have the summer to rejuvenate, and plan to make the most of it. However, I also want to avoid over scheduling myself or stressing out over meeting my mini-goals. What is the point of that? It is summer! If it is a gorgeous day that deserves to be spent at the lake, I certainly will sacrifice a little reading or practicing to splash in the water.

Do you set goals for the summer?
Merry Writing!

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  1. It certainly sounds sane and idyllic to me! :)I also think it's great to do resolutions now. The weather smiles on them :)