Thursday, June 4, 2009

Calm After the Storm

In preparation for our move into the studio apartment, the Muffin and I have been attempting to sell some of the furniture we will no longer need on craigslist. I have quickly learned how weird, annoying, or flat out rude people will be via email. Or that people think it is okay to not show up to pick up an item without any attempt to contact me. Obviously my time is not valuable. I digress...

Last evening someone came to view our sofa. She was very polite and, my favorite, very punctual. She was at my door at 6:30 on the dot. However, her 4 year-old son was like a tornado through my apartment. He made himself right at home- the first thing he did was open my refrigerator to "see if we eat different." The cats were another source of amusement, but they are attention gluttons and enjoyed being chased around and having their chins scratched. And then there were the "giant violins" that he had to touch. Actually, I thought it was rather amusing and was trying hard not to giggle because his mother was obviously horrified about everything. She kept simultaneously scolding him and apologizing to me for his behavior, even though I said not to worry. I asked him, "How would you pet a baby chick?" "Very, very careful," he replied. "Although the bass is big, it needs to be handled very carefully. Do you promise to touch it like you would the softest baby chick?" "Oh, yes, yes, yes!" And he did.

Our little visitor tuckered Simandl out.

Shortly after the little tornado left, Muffin returned home from a rehearsal and we sat down for a casual dinner. I like to call these "peasant dinners" because they are simple meal of bread, cheese, fruit, and wine. My favorite part is that it a satisfying meal with really no cooking involved- just a little slicing. We spent the rest of the evening at the table enjoying our meal and the company of each other.

Peasant dinner.

Merry Writing!


  1. a walk through one of Wisconsin's parks would be nice. I just got back from my first one of the summer and my arms are still adjusting to the blood collecting in them.
    Liz Elliott is looking for a new sofa and I told her about yours. Did you guys sell it yet?

  2. Mmmm Yum yums!

    Little kids are too funny! I'm always wary of having little sticky hands petting the kittens, but really they're just curious. hehe!

    Looking forward to our spa date! :D

  3. LOL! The 4 year-old tornado is like nothing other! I'm glad there was minimal debris :)

    Your dinner looks perfect :)

  4. LOL - the tornado child!
    I love putting out a platter of bread & cheese & sliced veggies for dinner, especially after a long day.