Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gelatin and Jazz

Image courtesy of: Steve Spangler Science

WooT! I just took my last round, *hopefully,* of standardized testing required for obtaining a teaching license. The PRAXIS II was a two hour and 130 question technique for making my brain feel a bit like gelatin. Nonetheless, I think I did relatively well. Now I must try to sit patiently and wait 4-5 weeks for the test results. Sigh......

In other music news, the Hal Leonard Corporation has decided to discontinue its Hal Leonard Jazz Series at the Pabst Theater, which has been an annual concert series since 1993. However, all is not lost. The current management of the Pabst Theater still plans to bring in jazz artists, just not in a formal concert series format. More details are available at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. This seems like neither a win-lose situation for jazz patrons, but more or less a draw.

Merry writings!

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  1. Oh- major bite! I always really liked attending the series concerts. But the Pabst always books awesome acts, I'm sure there'll be something to sink our teeth into. :) Thanks for the update, Love!