Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunshine on My Walls

Part of my much need post-semester rejuvenation was to to tackle the living space. My Muffin and I share a cozy little abode that is the perfect size for the two of us and the cats. We are lucky enough to have the option to paint the living space and bedroom, so we did. The bedroom turned out a fantastic slate gray, making it the perfect room to dream splendid dreams. The living space, however, did not turn out. The paint was not mixed right, because the serene gray-blue we had picked ended up looking like Crayola crayon sky blue. While this color is lovely in its own right, it was a bit off for our belongings and made our cozy room feel cool, remote, and uninviting. Home is where one can restore oneself- it is a little haven. One should feel at ease in their dwelling. Our living space was doing none of the above.

We have lived with the color since August, but the gloves came off on Thursday. We had enough, and decided it was time to make our home feel, well, like a home should. The color needed to be warm and invigorating. My wonderful sister, Molly, helped with the transformation. She helped us pick the color and paint. I'm lucky that Molly is such a sweetheart. Take a peak at the before and after.


We love our new space. It is cozy, uplifting, and I feel at ease. All it took was a gallon of paint and an afternoon. And a little sibling love.

Carmen loves her new marigold kitchen

What colors restore you? What have you done to make your space your space?


  1. Actually, I have just moved to a new apartment :)(4 month ago :P )but there are lots of things to do (yes still :( )

    I have painted the walls, different colors for each room, bought completely new furniture and now I am trying to paint some decorations myself :D . :P hope everything will be just as i want :)

    Wish good luck to you !

  2. Oh, You make-a me blush! I was happy to do it for you, Hun Bun. I'm so glad you like it! I think it suits you. Besides, your bass looks stunning against the marigold! :)Interesting how our spaces become more and more similar--exquisite taste must be genetic! Haha! ;P

    Much Love Always,

  3. NICE COLOR!! I love the way it came out! It goes so darn well with everything in your room and really gives such a warm, cozy, homey feel! I think it's so cool how you and Molly are so there for eachother.

    Thanks for your support on my quitting smoking! Hot stone therapy sounds HEAVENLY. I definitely have plans for a barrage of serious pampering with the money I'll be saving in that little envelope! Thank you for your warm thoughts. I'm sending mine your way as well.

  4. This post is right up my alley! It's so true, colour can make all the difference in the world and wow, your change in colour palette really did warm up your world. Now it looks so homey and cozy!

    My crafts room is a darkish blue and I find it really depressing but can not figure out what colour to paint it. I'm so indecisive and picky!