Monday, January 12, 2009

January Dream Board

It was cloudy and lightly snowing in my little spot of the world when the moon was at its biggest and brightest for the year. I could not see her. However, last night the sky was clear and lit up with the almost full moon. It was breathtaking. The moon hung in a sapphire colored sky like a golden pearl. She shone so bright she was nearly casting shadows. Suddenly, I felt inspired to make my own Dream Board.

I spent time on Saturday looking at all of the wonderful Dream Boards shared at Starshyne Productions. I was fascinated with the honest intentions and captivating stories the behind each Dream Board. I know the full moon was a few days ago, but I would like to think it is not to late to share mine with you. This is my first Dream Board ever, and I know I must keep doing this.

My Dream Board focuses on renewal, balance, and knowledge. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I felt toxic as the end of the year approached. In this new year I wish to to be renewed and revitalized. This is the mint. Mint is fresh, eye-opening, and can be overwhelming. I dream to be overwhelmed with rejuvenation. The woman in Exhalted Warrior pose represents balance. Part of my toxicity was in partially due to allowing someone to effect me so deeply that I lost my center, my focus, and my balance. I dream to reclaim those. In several cultures the chickadee represents the search for truth and knowledge, and optimism. I am aware that I have much to learn in this life, and recently I have been deeply searching for some answers. I dream that my eyes, ears, and heart are open to truth and knowledge.

Merry Writings.


  1. Oh Nanners, This is BEautiful! Wow, wow, wow! This thing is saturated with creative energy and detox Intent. Gorgey! Very clever. :) I'm glad you jumped on the wagon! I knew this kind of thing was right up your alley. :)

    Many Blissings, Deary!~*

  2. Thank you! It is an awesome process to manifest your dreams and intentions. A good self learning experience.

    Speaking of self learning- I learned I love the liquid tool! :)

  3. Beautiful dream board and love that you explained the elements of it too.

  4. oooohhhh absolutely stunning!!! your dreamboard is so powerful and so FULL and saturated with intent!!! i absolutely LOVE how each element has it's meaning, sounds like you really research it all. yay yay yay!!! it's hard to believe this is your very first dreamboard... fabulous creating!!!

    it's soooo fabulous to meet you!!!

    peace and love

  5. Beautiful. There is such sacredness to this dreamboard. You created it when the moon spoke to you, and that is the right time. Your beautiful description made me feel that I got to see the moon with you.

    Welcome to this dreamboard journey. May all your dreams find you and embrace you.