Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stars and Strings

Today, America graduated. The inauguration of President Barack Obama is cause for excitement- not only for Americans, but for people across the globe. I was rather upset that I had to miss the live broadcast for class, and as the hand approached 11:00 a.m I stared at the clock with a heavy heart. Sigh... However, I was able to catch to whole event a few hours afterward on the web. Ah, the beauty of living in the technological age that we do. Allow me to step on my soap-box for just a few moments...

Needless to say, today was a milestone in American history. In 1961, the year Obama was born, interracial marriage was still illegal in 16 states. 48 years later, America is embracing its first African-American and multi-racial President. Speaking as a future educator, I believe President Obama will be a powerful source of inspiration for children across the country. President Obama is living proof that achievement is not just reserved for those born into privilege, but is accessible to those who dare to dream. He is a shining example of how determination, hard work, strong values, and an education are the tools for success.

The inaugural address gave me goosebumps, and my heart swelled with joy. I know President Obama and his team have immense and difficult tasks at hand. The problems facing our nation will not dissolve over night. However, I cannot help but be optimistic.

The light colored line is the creeping culprit.

Yesterday I made the trip to Obama's stomping grounds- the good old city of Chicago. I took my beloved bass to be mended by the incredibly skilled and talented Michelle Fiore of Classic Contrabass. Ms. Fiore is a well-regarded luthier and double bass specialist. The diagnosis for my bass was not great, but was better than I had anticipated. The good news: It is very likely the opening seam will not require total dismantling of my bass, only partial. Fingers crossed for partial. Full removal of the face is quite costly. Ugh... The bad news: The repair process is delicate and will require a bit of time to complete. I will be without my bass until mid February. Sigh... On the bright side, since my Muffin is also a bassist I can use his smaller bass while mine stays in Chicago.

In fun news...

Patty over at oboeinsight, has awarded me a Premios Dardo Award. Thank you, Patty!

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Merry Writings!


  1. What an amazing man with amazing words. I can't wait to see him put that inspiration into action!

    I'm sorry to hear you will be without your bass for a while!

    Thank you so much for the award! I appreciate your choosing me and my blog, I am honoured.

  2. Hooray Obama! Who watched all the coverage yesterday getting fat and drinking soda ^^ This lady. :)

    Cool award! Thanks! What is it? hehe!

    Much Love~*

  3. I got to hear Obama's inaugural speach while I was in a cafe near my job. At the exact moment of his being pronounced the 44th Pres, I was purchasing a coffee and cranberry muffin. I got all choked up, and the cashier and I shared a moment, making a note of what we were doing at this monumentally historical time. After it was done. I breathed a big sigh of relief, feeling oh so much safer, and more hopeful than ever before that now things can be set aright. I'm thrilled to be here on earth, in America, at such a great historical, turning point of a moment!

    Wishing your bass a speedy recovery. Get well soon, Anna's bass! And THANK YOU for the award!!

    Serena Pia