Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Rare Day

Today was one of those rare and sacred days where I had absolutely no agenda. No where I must be, and nothing I had to do. Since today was my last official day of winter break, I savored every moment.

I have been nursing a serious case of the sniffles the past two days, so I did not set my alarm for this morning. I slept until nearly 10:00- *Gasp*! My body needed the rest, and I know I will not have the treat of sleeping in so late into the day for quite some time. Also, I decided I would stay in my jim-jams until it reached afternoon. I brewed a huge cup of echinacea tea, and settled in on the couch with my kitties and trusty laptop to watch cartoons and surf. The I took a very long, hot shower, making sure to take the time to soak in the steam.

My favorite feel good tea: I am not sure if it is the combination
of peppermint and star anise or the adorable koala bear.
Image courtesy: Celestial Seasonings

I spent the afternoon reveling in my craft. A large portion of the afternoon was spent practicing for the opera The Marriage of Figaro. While it sounds like something I had to do, honestly it was not. I was tickled to keep working on Mozart's deliciously silly comedic opera. Also, I spent time working on a beautiful selection from the Mass in B minor by J.S. Bach. A supremely talented mezzo-soprano at school asked me to accompany her on the piece, which features a mezzo voice and oboe. I was flattered that she asked, and of course I am thrilled to get the opportunity to work with her.

As any good oboist would do, I tinkered with my growing crop of reeds. I tied two more and spent a little time scraping on others. Nothing near playable yet, but I can feel a good batch at hand. Finally, I gave my oboe some love. The keys were polished, corks cleaned, the wood wiped down with soft linen, and the joints were lightly oiled. A very productive afternoon at a very leisurely pace.

A lavender candle and lotus blossom incense accompany a mellow evening.

When my Muffin returned home we made a very complicated gourmet dinner of grilled cheese with avocado sandwiches and creamy tomato soup. He has been battling the sniffles as well, so we brewed up some hot liquids and cozied up for the evening. After a bit of reading, I think I shall turn in for the night. What a splendid nothing kind of day!

What do (or don't) you do on your nothing days?
Merry writings.


  1. I think that Koala should be included on the nutrition facts...

    Oh my Do Nothing days are sucked up with surfing apartment therapy! And eating--preparing little feasts multiple times a day until my tummy is satisfied. :)

    Glad to hear you whittled out some time to be a lounge lizard and get well. :)


  2. I curl up on the couch with a warm throw, a book, a cat and a cup of coffee. Which combination usually makes me fall asleep! I also spend happy hours playing games on the computer.

  3. That sandwich sounds amazing! I'm just about to brew up some chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches too. :) Do nothing days? Sadly I play a lot of Warcraft. Fills up my lonely nights on my own. :) I hope you're feeling better really soon and I'm so glad you like the dreamboard idea!